Why Ascent Classical Academy Is the Right Choice for Your Family in Douglas County

Located in Lone Tree, Colorado, Ascent Classical Academy Douglas County, in partnership with the Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative, provides tuition-free classical education to nurture young minds. Opened in 2018, Ascent Classical Academy pays close attention to maintaining a high-quality academic program to set students up for success.

Female studentClassical Charter School Education              

Ascent Classical Academy sharpens young minds to help them develop a higher sense of purpose. Rather than simply allowing students to learn facts, statistics, dates, and information, we advocate having a conversation with students so they can find a link between past events and the current situation. Classical education encourages young minds to work hard to develop a line of reasoning, think deeper, and engage in higher learning.



classroom settingTuition-Free Education

Ascent Classical Academy is a Douglas County charter school, which means that it is a tuition-free, non-selective public school managed by an independent board of directors. As a public school, every child can apply for admission. If applicants exceed available spots, the institution uses a lottery system to pick students. With charter schools like Ascent, parents have more control over the kind of education their children receive.



smiling teenGreat Location Near Park Meadows                    

Located at 10004 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree, Colorado, Ascent Classical Academy Douglas County is close to Denver. The school is near Park Meadows Mall, a retail resort by Brookfield Properties with more than 180 shops. With how popular Park Meadows Mall is, it’s easy to locate Ascent if you’re interested in learning more and signing up for a school tour



girl's basketballWell-Planned Extracurricular Activities             

Ascent Classical Academy focuses on enriching the lives of its students to help them succeed in college and life. The institution designs extracurricular activities to be as inclusive to the greatest number of students, so every child will have an opportunity to build a profile that makes them attractive to as many universities and colleges as possible.



High school is among the most formative periods in the life of your child. So, where they receive education could influence who and what they will be in the future. Like you, we want students at Ascent Classical Academy to receive proper education to make them understand their role in preserving liberty and acting as a steward for the common welfare of all.   

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